• 1 . What are the sizes available for the posters?
    The usual size of our posters will be of A3 size.


  • 2 . Can I trust your packing?
    Our posters are nicely wrapped with bubble wraps and rolled in professional shipping tubes. All orders are shipped through either bluedart or India post.


  • 3 . Will I be able to track my orders?
    Yes, you can track your orders once when the orders are dispatched. You will receive SMS about the details on packing, sending and receiving time. We will also send you the shipping details via mail in case if you prefer to track via mail. You can visit to track your item by using the numbers we send you through your mail id.
  • 4 . Do you take orders from outside India?
    No, currently we are not planning to take our orders outside India. However, we are in the process to make our posters available internationally.
  • 5 . Will I be able to cancel my order?
    Yes, you can cancel your orders within 24 hours after the purchase. Cancellation beyond the extension of the given time will not be allowed. Your money will be refunded automatically after your cancellation. If you have edited your order you can call up the customer service and ensure about edited version will be on production.
  • 6 . Can I trust pay with debit/credit card and is it safe?
    Yes, you can trust us with the online shopping. You need to share your 16 digit numbers on your  debit/Credit card and 3 digit CCV number to complete payment. We respect your privacy and keep your personal details confidential.
  • 7 . What is the quality of your poster print?
    We print all our posters in a quality print process. However, there will be a 5% variation from how you see it on the monitor screen since the screen tends to add more colors than the original item.




  • 8 . The poster was damaged when I got it, what should I do?
    It’s a simple process, you can take a photo of the damaged poster and sent us via mail in (mail id) and we will go through your photos and send back to you a brand new one.
  • 9 . How long will it take to get my orders?
    Our times will be despatched within 72 hours after your order. The delivery will differ depends on the place. However, your orders will be delivered within 5-7 days maximum.